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Get to know Gabriel Mark Hasselbach here with specific playlists on Spotify!

The complete MidCentury Modern Vol. 3 album!

The Complete Tongue & Groove album

Older albums:

MidCentury Modern Vol. 2  (full info at

Radio Gold

MidCentury Modern Vol. 1 (2018):  

Open Invitation (2014): 

Kissed By The Sun (2012):  

Told Ya So (2010): 

Cool Down (2008) 

First Name Basis (2006): 

Gabriel's Horns (2003): 

From Hawaii With Love (2000): 

Wind At Nightfall (1995): 

Seduction (1994): 

Solar Winds (1986): 

Overview of Cool Tracks

A fun Gabriel Jazz Playlist 'Just Hangin''

New GabrielJazzPlaylist 'Meet Cute'

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GabrielJazz Just Chillin': 

GabrielJazz Movers and Shakers:

GabrielJazz Romance:

GabrielJazz Sunshine and Breezes:

GabrielJazz Latenight Vibes:

GabrielJazz Pumping:

GabrielJazz Restaurant Ambiance:

GabrielJazz Lounge Grooves:

GabrielJazz Working Out:

GabrielJazz Date Night:

GabrielJazz Top Down Road Trip:

GabrielJazz Cocktails on the Lanai:

GabrielJazz Sunday Morning:

GabrielJazz Getting Ready to Party: